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Presbyterian Church of LawrencevilleThe past is important to us, but we refuse to live in it. Since 1698, Christians have gathered here, and later built what was originally called “The Maidenhead Meetinghouse.”  Our 10am worship is a traditional Presbyterian service, made alive with a variety of music provided by a choir of committed and gifted singers, and led by inter-generational worship leaders. Our worship is focused around God’s word in scripture, read and proclaimed in sermons that are informative and lively, challenging and accessible.

We are people of diverse perspective and make-up—Republican and Democrat, of varying lifestyles and backgrounds. On a given Sunday you will find children, youth, families, and elderly worshiping together—all find welcome here. People of all ages create lifelong friendships in Christian fellowship through small groups, ongoing Fellowship Groups, and mission and study experiences. Children learn of God’s love through our Sunday School and our mid-week inter-generational Logos program. We find church to be a place of meaning-making, where seekers can explore Christ’s truth and purpose for their lives, but where few wear their piety on their sleeves.

We are people committed to mission, existing to serve those beyond our walls—from serving meals to the homeless, “mucking out” houses in Mississippi, to building homes in Trenton, we are a “roll up your sleeves” community of Christians. We seek in various ways to live out God’s call to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

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