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STEAM Saturdays
Room 102
Mobile Minds of NJ Presents Princeton Makers & Innovators STEAM Saturdays.
Topic: Myths and Fairytales: Create a story with Robots. Have you ever traveled to a mythical land? Imagined one?  In our class your kids will have the opportunity to create one and take your little robot on a tour.  They will learn to code and build/design your own imaginary land using clay, paint, paper mâché and much more.
Our six-week course is designed to teach students:
  • Science: Apply the scientific method, explore the light color spectrum, patterns, and communication methods.
  • Technology-Coding: Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions, use logic, and develop reasoning.
  • Engineering: Line following, sensors, calibrate the robot, navigate mazes, and explore engineering principles.
  • Arts: Colors, patterns, drawing, music, and also writing, timelines, storytelling, and creating presentations.
  • Math: Reason abstractly and explore the number line, fractions, probability, solving real world problems, geometry, angles, curves, diameter, distance, time, measuring and variables.
Classes are run by Mobile Minds of NJ, a not-for-profit provider of academic enrichment camps. To learn more or to register for STEAM Saturdays, go to or contact Dee Saunders at (609)851-6076, or $195 for 6 classes. Open to children in grades K and up.
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