Institute for Christian Living

The Institute for Christian Living (ICL)
March 6 – April 12, 2011

The Institute for Christian Living is an opportunity for all ages—members, non-members, and visitors—to join together in the study of God’s word. There are course offerings for adults, youth, and children. These four weeks are set aside as an intentional time for the whole community of faith to focus on the educational ministry of the church.

Adults are encouraged to choose one of the following offerings:

Faiths of Our Founding Fathers: An Inquiry

Led by: Dana Fearon and Bob Sinner
Dedicated in loving memory to Charlie Richardson.

The role that Christianity has played in shaping America is a heated topic today.  There are those who assert that America is a Christian nation, while others want to take God out of the public forum citing the principle of separation of Church and State.  Setting politics aside, we will consider the following questions. Were the Founding Fathers Christians? Deists? How seriously did they take their religion? What role did Christianity play in creating America? Was America founded as a “Christian” Nation?  Can the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence be considered Christian documents?  Do these questions matter?  Bring a prayerful, inquisitive, and open mind.

Background information for Faiths of Our Founding Fathers is provided by John Fea’s, “Was America Founded As A Christian Nation?”  Feel free to attend without having read this book, but it is helpful.  It’s available at

Flawed Families of the Bible

Led by: Brent and Elizabeth Ferguson and Louise Johnson

A large portion of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, consists of stories about families.  The twists and turns of relationships and the brokenness of being fallible human beings are all there in these ancient accounts.  If we think our lives are a mess, we only have to look at what our biblical ancestors went through.  And yet, God did not abandon them – in fact, God used them.  Perhaps their stories can convince us that God’s grace is there for us as well – that God can work through our struggles, our imperfections and our relationships.  It is often in our brokenness that the truth of God’s grace shines through.  Join us for a Bible study that really matters.

Adult Education Forum

Sundays at 11:15am in the Lounge

Join us for Adult Forum on Sunday mornings at 11:15, in the lounge. Adult Forums are a chance for the whole community to come together to learn about one particular subject. Please watch the bulletin and newsletter for upcoming forums.

To Register: Fill out the registration form (page 4 of the brochure) and send it to the church office. Please register all family members participating in the program. Alternately, you can e-mail the names of your family members and which class they will attend (which course and meeting time for adults, and age group for children).

Meditation on the Morning Scripture

Sundays at 9am (8:30am July-August) in Room 104

Come experience the depth of meaning found in focused meditation. Group members read the scripture lesson of the day following the practice of Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is an ancient method for praying with the Bible.

Each Sunday will be preceded by light refreshments in the Fellowship Center at 8:30am.