God provides what we need to live as followers of Jesus Christ.    We are Fed . . .

Children’s Ministries

As a congregation, we pledge to nurture the Christian life and development of every child at their Baptism. The Sunday School Committee works to provide programs and projects that enable children to engage in healthy, positive, nurturing relationships while developing their faith. We offer a variety of experiences and opportunities for children and families, to grow and serve. For more information about any of our programs, please contact Robyn Campbell, Director of Children’s Ministries [email protected].
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Youth / Young Adults

Youth And Young Adult Ministries is not merely a “program” on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. It is a constant, living, breathing journey experienced throughout every hour of every day as a seamless and continual line guided by the Spirit of God which is always at work.
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Adult Education and Spiritual Formation

Whether you need to fill-up your tank or top it off, this is the place to find fuel for your relationship with God. Because learning is a lifelong endeavor, we offer a variety of opportunities for adults: formal classes, Bible studies, small groups, Adult Forums, retreats, online resources and more to help you understand your Christian faith and explore how God is at work in our world. Come join the conversation as we seek to understand our individual and collective journeys of faith.
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Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are small communities of 15-20 that enable members to grow in faith and friendship through shared experiences of fellowship, support and care, and to “get connected” here at PCOL. Groups comprise a variety of ages, stages and styles.  read more