Can we get to half? 

Did you know that for each member of our congregation we pay $32.50 to our higher judicatories – that is, our Presbytery, our Synod and our General Assembly, a total of about $26,000. Since that takes a big chunk of our budget that we could use for mission, for programs, and for other needs, we’re asking each member to pay his or her per capita.

The cost is $32.00 per adult member (not per family). We raised about $9,000 last year from 270 persons; this year, our goal is to raise at least $11,000, from half of the 760 on our rolls.

Paying your fee is easy! Just go to our online giving page to pay using a credit card, PayPal or your bank account (most preferred since we avoid the 3.5% credit card fee). Just hit the button.