Spring 2016 ICL

Institute for Christian Learning – Spring 2016

Sundays in the Lounge, 11:30-12:30

March 13th: Resurrection in Art

Speaker: Jessica Savage, Research Scholar at Princeton University’s Index of Christian Art

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus have been portrayed by artists across the centuries in a wide variety of ways. Each artistic creation has a story to tell. What insights might we glean about our Christian faith by interacting with these works of art? Enhance your celebration of Easter by learning what art has to teach us about the Christian faith and life.


April 3 and 17: Jesus – His Times and the Movement He Started

April 3: Video, “Living in the Time of Jesus” (Produced by National Geographic)

This video provides breath-taking views of the Holy Land and gives us a glimpse of daily life in the first century. It deals with money changing as a profession, the importance of animal sacrifices, carpentry, fishing, ritual practices, and life in the home. Louise Johnson will be on hand with artifacts from her digs in ancient Palestine. There will be an opportunity for Q & A following.


April 17: Video, “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians” (Produced by PBS)

Noted scholars comment on the Apostle Paul’s role in transmitting the gospel, and how the earliest Christians had to wrestle with divisive issues that threatened to destroy the infant church. Speakers include Wayne Meeks and Michael White (respected Bible scholars) and Princeton University’s own Elaine Pagels. There will be an opportunity for Q & A following.