Stewardship 2020: Stewardship is Heart Work

The response to what we have and what we give is thankfulness…with our whole heart

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with my whole heart…” is this year’s stewardship theme, taken from Psalm 9:1, a Psalm of David. The thanks come from the heart, for the tremendous abundance we’ve received from God. Such “heart work” can indeed seem hard at times. But as Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” we find that what seems hardest can often be the most liberating–and easy. Giving of our abundance, as a symbol of our thanks to God and to others for being part of this tremendous community of faith, can indeed be one of the most freeing spiritual practices we can engage in.

So we hope that this year, you will make a giving commitment to this congregation from the heart. Know how much your giving is already appreciated by the whole community, and know too how important it is to the transformational ministry we are doing together – and expanding, through our capital campaign, and through the new forms of mission we’ve begun, such as CookWell, and The Community Well.

How can we grow spiritually through our giving?

Giving is one of the things we do as Christians that helps us grow spiritually. We come to know God not only through prayer and Bible study, but through the discipline of regular giving, by thinking of our giving to the church as a first portion of our income. Each year, we encourage members of the congregation also to grow in their giving by “growing 1%” – that is, giving away an additional 1% of their income. This year, we encourage members to do the same – to continue to grow 1% or more, toward the ultimate goal of a tithe – the giving of 10% of one’s family resources toward the work of the Kingdom – through this church’s ministry and other work in the community.

How can I approach giving “from off the top” by growing 1%?


It’s important to understand the grow 1% concept – since we don’t mean just increasing your current charitable giving by 1%, but by giving away an additional 1% of your total household income – there’s quite a big difference! We’ll explain it further below, and here’s a chart that makes it clear.

Do I need to give all of this additional giving to the church?

We certainly hope this will increase your gift to the church – since the total amount we receive indicates the spiritual health of our congregation as a whole. But the point is simply to give it away – to causes that are about the Kingdom of God: Crisis Ministry, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen – what is close to your heart? The point is to grow spiritually through your giving! But keep in mind that we give collectively to many community causes, and increased giving will enable us to give more.

Questions? Please buttonhole one of your Session Members, or a member of our Pastoral Staff. We hope you will join them in this challenge – as we seek to “Grow 1%”.

Please join us for Consecration Sunday on November 10. We will all consecrate – that is, dedicate to God – our gifts in worship.

Give online!

If you want to make your pledge now, online, it’s easy to do so using our online pledge system, through our church database, Realm. Click the button below for instructions.

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