Ways to Give

Giving is part of the joy of being a disciple! 

At the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, we believe that we give not just because the church needs it (it does!), but because humans have a deep need to give. Giving is how we experience God’s amazing grace and abundance!

Pledge online!

You can now make your annual pledge directly to our online database, Realm – and even set it up so it’s paid automatically, from your bank account. This is convenient for you, and for us – less work on both sides! Just click the button to the left to go to our online pledge page.

Give Online!

There are a variety of ways that you can give – and now, we offer the option making a gift for any number of funds, anytime, on-line. The button on the left will take you to our church database, Realm, where you will be asked to do a one-time set-up with your bank or credit card information, and then make your gift to any of our funds. This is set to our general/pledge fund, but use the toggle to give to other funds. Please note that credit card transactions cost the church an additional 3.5%. You can access all your giving records via the Realm database system. Need help? Just email [email protected]

Paying your pledge and making gifts to our General Fund

You can give on-line to our general fund anytime by clicking here. Make gifts to any of our giving funds by using the toggle that appears at the top of the screen. The gift will be added to your general/pledge giving. Note that credit card transactions cost the church an additional 3.5%. See below for more on annual (pledge) giving to our general fund.

Special Gifts

Each link will take you to the appropriate giving screen on our Realm database. There will be a one-time set up for your financial information prior to giving your gift.

Per Capita. Pay the “tax” the larger church charges for every member; the fee is $32.50 per member.

Birthday Endowment Fund. Celebrate someone’s birthday with a gift to the church! The invitation is to give one dollar for the number of years you are – or some you wish to honor is – celebrating. A few dollars each year adds up! See more about the Birthday Endowment Fund below.

End of year gift. Remember the church through your year end/holiday giving with a gift.

Flowers. We celebrate the life of those who’ve gone before, or honor those still living, by giving memorial flowers.

Gifts to our Haiti Ministry. Give to the Haiti General Support Fund by clicking the link.

More about giving at PCOL

 Annual Giving is accomplished through pledging a percentage of one’s income to the work and mission of the church. Once a year, faithful people of our church fill out pledge cards to indicate what their amount of giving will be for the coming year.

Completed Estimate of Giving Cards may be mailed to the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville; 2688 Main Street; Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 or placed in a offering plate Sunday morning.

Planned Giving is another way to provide for the future of our church. It provides a legacy for the future and links our lives to those who come after us. It is a fundamental part of Christian stewardship. We encourage bequests in wills as one way to do this – either by designating a percentage of our estates or specific amounts to be given to the church upon our deaths. There are other planned gifts that can often benefit donors with tax relief while they are still alive, but provide for the church’s benefit upon their death.

Examples of some of these are:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Annuity Trusts
  • Unitrusts
  • Pooled Income Funds

We encourage people to contact their attorneys and/or financial planners to set up such gifts. Or if it is more convenient, we work closely with the Presbyterian Foundation when giving information about or setting up planned gifts.

The Maidenhead Society (our church was formerly the Maidenhead Church) is a recognition society composed of people who make bequests or planned gifts to our church. Please email us or call the church office for more information about planned gifts or the Society. Email for more Information.

The Birthday Endowment allows us all to make gifts—children as well as seniors—to the Endowment Fund of our church. The Endowment Fund helps to ensure that the church and its ministry will be here for those who come after us. Here’s how it works:  During the month of your birthday, pick up a special Birthday Endowment envelope from the table at coffee hour or on the windowsills in the vestibule of the church, or make a gift online.  Then make a gift to the church of $1 for each year of your life.  Your name (not your age) will be published in a subsequent Church Newsletter.  It’s an opportunity for you to make your birthday a time not only to receive gifts, but to give one too.

Capital Campaign Giving is yet another way to provide for the church.  These special campaigns, carried out about every 5-10 years, take care of the large building and grounds projects that cannot be accomplished through the annual budget.  Often included are large mission and program projects that are beyond the reach of our annual budget.

Stock Transfers
If you’d like to take advantage of the option to transfer stock to the church, which often has beneficial tax implications, click here to email for information on how to do it.

To transfer stock, contact your stockbroker and give him/her the following information:

For the Annual Fund, the brokerage is Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.
The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Account Number is 8515-7147.
The DTC Number is 0793.
The account executive is Stephen Jusick.

For the Capital Campaign Fund, the brokerage is Merrill Lynch.
The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Account Number is 834-04A46.
The DTC Number is 5198.
The account executive is Michael Pron.

To gain the tax benefits, be certain that the stock is not sold before it is transferred to the church. The stockbrokers of the church’s accounts will sell the stock upon receiving it and will issue the donor a letter stating the value of the gift. The donor should also contact the church office and notify Jeanne Aicher of the gift because occasionally the gifts are transferred without a donor’s name.