Ways to Give

At the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, in gratitude for all that has been bestowed upon us, we give back to the life and work of our church that strives to carry out Christ’s ministry. We ask ourselves, “What is God calling us to give?” and endeavor to give a percentage of our income in response to that question. Our gifts provide for lively worship, teach children and adults about the Christian faith, supply funds for local agencies outside the church doing charitable work, support the work of mission in faraway places, work for peace, welcome visitors, keep our church buildings and grounds maintained, and help us support one another in a busy, often confusing, secular life.

Strengthening Our Foundation

“According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder, I laid a foundation and another person is building upon it” (1 Corinthians 3:10).  Since 1698, Christians have gathered at the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, and later constructed what was originally called “The Maidenhead Meetinghouse.” Their courage and their faithfulness built a place that today we call our church home.  But though we honor the past, we move forward faithfully into the future, knowing that God calls us to constantly renew and revitalize our ministries here.  This beautiful place, kept in good condition, helps us to be more successful in carrying out those ministries by providing us a place to worship, meet, educate, initiate mission work, and call our church home.

The 2008 Capital Campaign, Strengthening Our Foundation is one of the ways we continue to keep our buildings and grounds strong and beautiful. It began in 2008, our 310th anniversary year, and will continue through June 2012.  A booklet summarizing the needs that have been and will be addressed is available from the church office.  Click below to read about a particular area of focus. Thank you to all who have pledged and made gifts to the Capital Campaign.

Renovating the Manse
Repainting the Cupola
Repair of the Meetinghouse Trusses
Enhancing the Chapel Building and Lounge
Establishing The Deratus Fund
The Elijah Maintenance Fund
Improvements to Our Church Grounds
Improvements to the Fellowship Center
The Nehemiah Fund for Trenton Housing
The Mustard Seed Fund for New Programming
Architectural Study for Future Space Needs

Here is a summary of the work that has been accomplished with our campaign dollars in the last 2 years:

  • The cupola of the church, which was more weather-beaten than other parts of the meetinghouse because of its exposed location, has been repainted.
  • The construction of a new sidewalk along Rte 206 by The Lawrenceville School golf course has been completed, providing safer passage for folks who park on the street.
  • The renovation of the bathrooms at the south end of the building has been completed, much of it by volunteers.
  • The renovation of the manse has been finished, providing the Vamoses with an updated and more pleasant house in which to live.  Most of the deck of the house and the landscaping were installed by volunteers.
  • The lounge has new carpet and furniture, making this most-used room more welcoming.
  • The trusses in the attic have been repaired and a monitoring system is being set up.
  • The front steps of the meetinghouse were rebuilt, making the risers of even height and therefore, safer to use.
  • Landscaping and care of some of our trees has been completed, including the attempt to save the very old beech tree, which sadly proved unsuccessful.
  • The Deratus Fund to aid our mission worker, Pastor Luc Deratus, has been established.
  • The replacement of the Fellowship Center pitched roof and the flat roofs over the lounge, classrooms, kitchen, foyer, long hallway, and the pastor’s office is currently being worked on.  Part of this project includes making a design correction to the north parapet wall by the lounge, so that the roof flashing can be installed according to proper standards.  Additionally, we are replacing rotted shingles on one wall of the Chapel building and the corresponding window.
  • The stucco on the building will be cleaned and painted with elastomeric paint to help rid us of the “dingy” look, paid for by the new Elijah Fund, part of this Capital Campaign.
  • New signage for the building, both interior and exterior, is being planned to help guide visitors and make our place more welcoming.

Some projects we would like to complete but are unable to unless funds are raised include:

Photovoltaic cells  for the Fellowship Center roof; Improvements to the Fellowship Center, including installation of air conditioning and some design changes to make it more versatile; and Replacement of the old catchment basinin the middle graveyard.  If you would like to increase your pledge or make a gift to any of these projects, please contact Jeanne Aicher or Jeff Vamos in the church office.

Annual Giving is accomplished through pledging a percentage of our income to the work and mission of the church. Once a year, faithful people of our church fill out pledge cards to indicate what their amount of giving will be for the coming year.

Completed Estimate of Giving Cards may be mailed to the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville; 2688 Main Street; Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 or placed in a offering plate Sunday morning.

You may download the 2012 Estimate of Giving card by clicking Estimate of Giving Card 2012.

Planned Giving is another way to provide for the future of our church. It provides a legacy for the future and links our lives to those who come after us. It is a fundamental part of Christian stewardship. We encourage bequests in wills as one way to do this – either by designating a percentage of our estates or specific amounts to be given to the church upon our deaths. There are other planned gifts that can often benefit donors with tax relief while they are still alive, but provide for the church’s benefit upon their death.

Examples of some of these are:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Annuity Trusts
  • Unitrusts
  • Pooled Income Funds

We encourage people to contact their attorneys and/or financial planners to set up such gifts. Or if it is more convenient, we work closely with the Presbyterian Foundation when giving information about or setting up planned gifts.

The Maidenhead Society (our church was formerly the Maidenhead Church) is a recognition society composed of people who make bequests or planned gifts to our church. Please email us or call the church office for more information about planned gifts or the Society. Email for more Information.

The Birthday Endowment allows us all to make gifts—children as well as seniors—to the Endowment Fund of our church. The Endowment Fund helps to ensure that the church and its ministry will be here for those who come after us. Here’s how it works:  During the month of your birthday, pick up a special Birthday Endowment envelope from the table at coffee hour or on the windowsills in the vestibule of the church (you can also give online here).  Then make a gift to the church of $1 for each year of your life.  Your name (not your age) will be published in a subsequent Church Newsletter.  It’s an opportunity for you to make your birthday a time not only to receive gifts, but to give one too.

Capital Campaign Giving is yet another way to provide for the church.  These special campaigns, carried out about every 5-10 years, take care of the large building and grounds projects that cannot be accomplished through the annual budget.  Often included are large mission and program projects that are beyond the reach of our annual budget.

Stock Transfers
If you’d like to take advantage of the option to transfer stock to the church, which often has beneficial tax implications, click here to email for information on how to do it.

To transfer stock, contact your stockbroker and give him/her the following information:

For the Annual Fund, the brokerage is Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.
The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Account Number is 8515-7147.
The DTC Number is 0793.
The account executive is Stephen Jusick.

For the Capital Campaign Fund, the brokerage is Merrill Lynch.
The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Account Number is 834-04A46.
The DTC Number is 5198.
The account executive is Michael Pron.

To gain the tax benefits, be certain that the stock is not sold before it is transferred to the church. The stockbrokers of the church’s accounts will sell the stock upon receiving it and will issue the donor a letter stating the value of the gift. The donor should also contact the church office and notify Jeanne Aicher of the gift because occasionally the gifts are transferred without a donor’s name.