How to give a special gift now

Pay your per capita. Per capita is the money we pay per member to support the important work of the larger church: the mission of the Presbytery, the Synod and the General Assembly. In 2019, that per-person amount is $34.50. Click the button below to go to Realm, our church database, to make a gift of that amount, or more, to cover your per capita.

Pay your per capita


Make a special gift to our general fund. You can give a gift of any amount, at any time, to our general fund. Simply click the button below.

Give to our general fund


Gifts to other funds. It’s easy to give if you missed a special offering, or want to give to a specific purpose. Just click the button below, and when you get to the Realm giving site, toggle to whatever gift fund you’d like to give to.

Give to another giving fund