Does Dylann Roof Deserve Forgiveness?

Like many, I was struck – and deeply moved – by the anguished statements of both hurt and forgiveness expressed by family members of those killed by Dylann Roof. I wonder if any of you also pondered, along with me, how it was possible for them to do so – or even whether such quick […]

Where have you found living water?

by Louise Johnson / March 26, 2014 I was moved by our worship service last Sunday.  It featured a biblical character who was anything but holy.  She is the infamous “Woman at the Well,” whose checkered past included 5 husbands and a sixth man who was not her husband. Modern media would have a heyday […]

What Are You Waiting For?

by Matt Pigman / March 18, 2014 Many of us have been waiting for what seems like an unbearably long time for spring to come.  After one of the snowiest and longest NJ winters on record, there aren’t many people around here who are protesting its arrival.  Instead, most of us get overly excited at […]

Devil Sunday got me thinking…

by Erin Counihan / March 12, 2014 We church folk like to name our Sundays. Easter Sunday Palm Sunday Transfiguration Sunday Epiphany Sunday Baptism of the Lord Sunday Pentecost Sunday and on and on. Well, I’m offering a new one. Devil Sunday. This past Sunday at PCOL was Devil Sunday, the week in which we […]

Giving Up For Lent?

By Jeff Vamos / March 4, 2014 Lent is a time for confession, spiritual house-cleaning, getting real. So let’s start here: I’m a lousy blogger. I see that my last entry is from spring 2012! But what better time than the eve of Lent to get back into the swing. And, truth be told, I’m just […]

Featured Event: REVIVE! 2012

How does our faith in Jesus Christ inform our social witness within our communities? Revive! 2012 is a justice revival that will seek to address that question through spirit-filled preaching, uplifting gospel music (including the Trenton Children’s Chorus), dance and small group conversation. Preachers include Darrell Armstrong, Melinda Contreras-Byrd, Paul Jeanes, David Rojas and Simeon […]

Need a Spiritual Discipline for Lent? Psalms and Dante…

As I mentioned in my sermon of yesterday, at both the 10am and 12:30 Worship in a New Key services, I want to encourage the congregation in its reading of a too often neglected book of our Bible, the Psalms. This, as I begin a new sermon series entitled “Psalms in the Key of Life.” […]

Amendment 10A and…Hell

Last Sunday was installment two in our new sermon series, “Questions from the Floor.” The topic: “How will Amendment 10A affect the Presbyterian Church (USA) going forward?” My approach was simply to describe some of the major developments that occurred during the 30+ years through which the Presbyterian Church has struggled through the issue of […]

Questions from the Floor – Part I: Family Values? Whose?

This Sunday, we began a new sermon series called Questions from the Floor. This series is the brainchild of my colleague Louise, who compiled a list of questions that came from…you! Each of the nine sermon topics came from responses to our request for questions/topics that are of interest to members of the congregation. I […]

Sexuality: How Do We Have the Talk?

First: please insert here my much-to-self-referential brooding about…sin and forgiveness…the weakness of the flesh…writer’s block…the insane schedule of a parish Pastor. Having intended to keep up with my blogging discipline, I see I have failed terribly. BUT, ’tis a new year. And I hope to do better in 2011. Beyond using the start of a […]