Weddings at the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville

Ceremonies are conducted by the clergy on staff.

Before a wedding date can be reserved on the church calendar, the couple must have a conversation with the minister who will be officiating. He or she will set up counseling times and guide in the planning of the wedding service as a whole. Once you’ve made an initial appointment with one of the Pastors and he or she has indicated availability, please contact the church office separately to see if the date and time you are requesting is available, and to get your wedding on our calendar. The rehearsal date and time should be set and entered on the church calendar at this time as well.

The couple should then contact the church organist to ensure his availability for the service. Our organist is an invaluable resource when it comes to selecting music appropriate for the wedding service.

The wedding rehearsal will be directed by the Pastor (the organist will not be present). Those expected to attend the rehearsal are the bride and groom, their attendants including flower girls and ring bearers, ushers, parents, and any grandparents who will be escorted down the aisle. The rehearsal time is ordinarily an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the number of attendants.

Wedding guests are asked to refrain from taking photographs during the service. Professional photographers are required to remain out of the aisles and to refrain from using a flash during the service. Florists making deliveries should call the church office to arrange for the building to be opened in advance of a service.

There is no charge for performing a wedding for members. However, there is an organist fee of $300, and an honorarium (gift) may be offered to the minister or staff member. Checks for the minister/ staff member and the organist should be made out directly to them.

For a non-member wedding service, the fee schedule is shown below. All payments should be received in the church office no later than a week before the wedding. Checks for the minister/ staff member and the organist should be made out directly to them. Checks for the custodial fee and the use of the building should be made out to the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville.

Nonmember Fee Schedule:

Minister/ staff member $300
Organist $300*
Use of Sanctuary (meetinghouse) $600
Use of Fellowship Center for reception (optional) $200
Custodial fee $125

*Organist fee on holidays may be higher.