How to Pledge and Give Online

Online giving is easy, safe and…convenient! Learn how below:

Quickstart: make a gift now!

Hitting the button below will take you to our online giving form. Just toggle to the correct giving fund (under the “Fund” item) to ensure your gift will to go the right place.

And…the detail:

You can register your giving commitment (pledge) for the coming year directly online.

  1. The simplest way way to register your pledge is to email our pledge secretary, Craig Pasko, who will register it in the Realm giving system. Please indicate how frequently you will give. Or, you can register it directly into the Realm system, by following the instructions below.
  2. First, sign in to your Realm account. Here’s some help on that, and more information about Realm, if you need it.
  3. Once you’re in Realm, you can check your profile by clicking on the icon with your name, which you’ll see in the upper right-hand corner. Check to see that all the information is correct. You might also want to check out other parts of your profile – such as your privacy settings and communication preferences.
  4. Then navigate to the giving page, by clicking “giving,” which should be one of the options you’ll see at the left part of the page.
  5. Once you’re on the giving page, you’ll see a button with the words “+ Pledge.” Click that to add your pledge.
    1. Note that you can use all the features of our regular pledge form with the options that you’ll see: giving as-able, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
    2. If you need to communicate anything else about your pledge, you may simply email our pledge secretary, Craig Pasko.

You can pay your pledge automatically online, or make payments manually online.

Notice that once you’ve recorded your online pledge, you will see an option to “Set Up Online Gift.”

  1. Please note that if you have made an annual pledge, but plan to pay monthly, you must simply divide your annual pledge gift by twelve – or do any similar adjustment if you are paying at a regular interval.
  2. If you have not done so, please set up your payment method. We strongly urge all givers to use the option for taking the funds directly from your bank account, rather than using a credit card. There are several reasons for this – but it also costs the church approximately 3.5% to process credit card transactions (as opposed to about .04% for ACH transactions, which take money directly from your bank account). If you do select a credit card option, please add 3.5% to your pledge.
  3. Finally, just click the “Give” button on the bottom. Your gift will now be automatically deducted from your bank account (or credit card account). You can monitor your giving at any time by navigating back to the giving page.
  4. Note that if you do not wish to set your pledge to pay automatically, you can still go online to pay your pledge manually. Simple log on to your Realm account and go to the Giving tab to the left. Then click the “+ Give” button. For a pledge gift, select the “General/Pledge Fund” option when you get to the “Give Now” screen.

You can easily give a special or extra gift, or give to any of our special offerings

You can also easily give a gift for any of our funds online, at any time. That’s especially easy if you might have missed the Sunday of one of our Special Offerings, or if you want to quickly make a gift at the end of the year, for example. Just as with setting up your pledge, there is a one-time set up for your payment method (and again if you use a credit card please add 3.5% to cover the extra cost).

Here is a list of the various special gift funds you can give to (Each link will take you to the appropriate giving screen on our Realm database):

Per Capita. Per capita is the $40.00 per-member fee we pay for each member; we ask each member to consider paying it directly.

Birthday Endowment Fund. The equivalent of putting a few coins in the piggy bank, the Birthday Endowment invites members and friends to give on one’s own or another’s birthday a dollar for the number of years old you are – or some you wish to honor is – celebrating. A few dollars each year adds up!

End of year gift. Remember the church through your year-end/holiday giving with a gift.

Flowers. We celebrate the life of those who’ve gone before, or honor those still living, by giving memorial flowers.

Gifts to our Haiti Ministry. Give to the Haiti General Support Fund by clicking the link.

Other Special Offerings. You can give to any of our special offerings, at any time of year, through the online giving portal.

People used to leave their gifts at the altar (we have a communion table). How to do that with an online gift?

If you gave online, we strongly encourage you to consecrate—that is, make your giving an act of worship—each week. Traditionally, people would put an offering envelope with a check in the offering plate. For those giving online, we ask that you pick up a blue giving token, available at both entrances to the Meetinghouse, and put the token in the plate as it comes by.