Worship Services

Sunday Morning Traditional Service

10am (9:30 July 1 through Labor Day) weekly in the sanctuary, or as we call it, the Meetinghouse. Childcare is available. (read more about morning worship)


Worship In A New Key

The “WiNK” service features acoustic music in a variety of styles–jazz, world, folk, acoustic rock, and even traditional hymnody. This service attracts people of all ages who seek a less formal and more experiential worship service that is out of the box, but still conforms to the traditional order of Reformed worship. WiNK services are at 5pm Sunday in the chapel. Children are welcome. If preferable, childcare is available. (read more about Worship in a New Key)


The Sacraments

Presbyterians observe two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion (known also as Holy Communion or the Eucharist). We celebrate communion once a month at our traditional service and weekly at Worship in a New Key.


Worship Recordings, Transcripts, and Bulletins

If you’d like a preview of our Sunday morning worship, you can listen to service recordings, read select sermon transcripts, or browse recent orders of worship.


Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals

The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville holds weddings, baptisms, and funerals for members of its own congregation and the community at large. Please see specific policies for each type of service: