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Worship once a month in the style of Taizé

7:00 PM in the Chapel, First Sunday of the Month (except summer – see calendar for details)

Our Alternative Service occurs once per month via a worship experience patterned after the kind of meditative service originated through the Taizé Community in France. This service is a smaller, more intimate worship experience. Central to Taiźe worship is a focus on meditative singing. The words are often few and generally simple so that, through repetition, the music can be a means of both praying and listening to God. Another important characteristic of Taizé worship is silence. Scripture readings are followed by long periods of silence to create an opportunity for personal reflection and meeting with God. Are you looking for a space to breathe deeply and (re)connect with God? Join us in the Chapel at 7:00pm on the first Sunday of each month. All are welcome. Invite a friend!

If you’re thinking of a visit, learn more about our worship here. For more information about our Alternative Worship Service or to sign up for our weekly enews, contact Rev. Kyle Anderson.

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