Although testing and reporting of COVID-19 cases in Haiti is limited, the numbers are relatively low and far less devastating so far than had been feared. After months of closures, churches were allowed to re-open this past week.

The Harmony Ministries churches all had services on Sunday with extensive safety measures. Large hand washing stations were put up outside the church. Clorox soaked carpets were placed at the entrance where people cleaned their shoes before entering the sanctuary. All microphones and “touch points” were sanitized. Most people were wearing masks. And they practiced their version of social distancing, limiting the number of people per pew. Although to us it might not look like wide spacing, the worshipers are very spread out by normal Haitian standards where they are usually crammed together and completely touching. Starting next week they will be taking temperatures before letting people enter; like here, many are asymptomatic..

Most importantly, they are thrilled to be back worshiping together. They didn’t have the streaming capabilities that we enjoy, and they missed the singing, sermons, and community information sharing. We pray that they are able to continue worshiping together in good health.

On another note, the finishing touches are being put on the homes of two of Pastor Luc’s Deacons.

Pastor Luc and Ronide pray for us, our health and safety, and for our ability to get back to worship together also.