DIY Project – Do you like to get your hands a little dirty?

One of the larger projects of Our Hope for Years to Come Capital Campaign has been the renovation of the classrooms and lounge. Much has already been done, including new energy efficient windows, air conditioning, and painting. The next step is the installation of new carpet. To save about $1,000, the project committee decided to do the ‘tear out’ of the old carpet using volunteers. This includes moving all the furniture out of the rooms. Billie and Matt Hullfish moved the furniture by themselves when the classrooms were painted last month, and it’s a lot of work for two people. But many hands make light work. Even if you can only give an hour or two of your time, your help would be appreciated. All hands are welcome—you don’t need to be exceptionally strong.

Here’s the plan:

On Thursday March 10th after work, around 4 pm:
(If you have a furniture dolly, please bring it.)
• Empty room 105 completely
• Store most of the large items in an enclosed trailer
• The rest of the furniture will be placed in the hallway along the wall

On Friday March 11th around 9:30 am:
(If you have a utility knife to cut carpet, please bring it.)
• Tear out carpet in Room 105
• Move furniture from Rooms 104 & 106 into Room 105
• Tear out carpets in Rooms 104 & 106
• Load old carpet/garbage onto the Hullfishes’ trailer for disposal

On Wednesday, March 16th, around 4:00 pm:
• Move heavier furniture back into the classrooms

On Thursday, March 17th, around 9:30 am:
• Move lighter weight items back into the classrooms.

Contact Billie Hullfish to sign up. Walk-ins are also welcome. You can email her at or call the church office at 609-896-1212. Thank you!