We’ll use this page for each new Exploring Membership class – as a way to respond to questions and issues using this on-line forum. Some of the questions are answered directly through the video homework we made available to you as well – so do check that out.

For the April 2016 class, I’ve posted links to some written responses to some of the questions you submitted during our first class – please know that there were too many questions to respond to here! We’ll give them full treatment in class. Also, please use the comment feature on this page and each page where a question is dealt with to add any comments of your own. Obviously, feel free to explore the links provided, which offer much more detailed information about the subject. (With some apology, I’m using Wikipedia extensively – because usually it’s mostly right, and since it often has good links to lead you to other primary sources).

Look forward to seeing you in the next Exploring Membership class!

Jeff V.

Selected questions from April 10, 2016 class:

What are the differences between Presbyterianism and Catholicism?

Are there sacraments in Presbyterianism like the Catholic Church? What is the process for baptizing a baby? What is confirmation? 

What is predestination? Do Presbyterians believe in free will?