Feeling Stuck After Loss or Change?

New Individual Wellness Program for those Experiencing Loss or Change

Common life events and situations include divorce, empty-nest, job loss/retirement, moving, and illness.

A new 4-week individual program is being offered for those who are feeling stuck after experiencing loss or change. Compassion Coach Betsy Ie, LCSW is offering a program to share skills, strategies, resources and guidance for those dealing with these challenges. Appointments will be for an hour once a week over 4 weeks, in person or on Zoom.

Individual Wellness Program* includes: 

  • 4 one-hour appointments
  • In-person or on Zoom
  • Learn skills for self-care and compassion
  • Reframe and change negative self-talk
  • Resources to support your individual needs.

For more information, visit betsyie.com or contact Betsy Ie at Betsy@betsyie.com or 609-731-4553.



“Whether you have experienced loss or a significant life change, as your Compassion Coach I am your go-to resource and support for skills, strategies, and guidance.  I can help you get ‘unstuck’ and will work with you to find your purpose.”  

– Betsy Ie, LCSW, Compassion Coach

*Therapeutic, not therapy.  For adults 18-years and older.  Payment plans available.