Fifty members of the congregation devoted last Saturday morning to attending a “team building session” for the coming series of Member Gatherings.  Hosts, Witnesses and Discussion Leaders for the Gatherings were joined by Elders, Trustees and Deacons and members of the Stewardship Committee.  Consultant Bruce Rockwell, an Episcopalian layman who helps churches in western Massachusetts with stewardship development, shared his personal experience and perspective and led the group in Bible study and discussion.

The Member Gatherings program is intended to encourage members of the congregation to share, in a relaxed and friendly setting, what they value about our church and its mission.  At the conclusion of each discussion, pledge cards for 2013 will be distributed with a request that all members return their completed pledges on Commitment Sunday, November 4.

Members who have not yet signed up for a Gatherings may do so by clicking here or in person in the Fellowship Center after worship next Sunday.