Pastor Luc and Ronide Deratus will be visiting Lawrenceville next weekend, February 2-6.  They will join us in worship on Sunday, February 5 and will speak at a forum after worship about their ministries and the ongoing crisis in Haiti. Please join us.

There will be a Special Offering on Sunday, February 5 for our ongoing support of Harmony Ministries.  As in past years, we have committed $9,000 to support to the Haiti General Fund; however, with the ongoing crisis and the high cost of food in Haiti, there is even greater need, and ask you to consider generously supporting our work in Haiti.  This past June, we were able to give Pastor Luc additional money as he wanted to purchase rice, beans and oil for the students and teachers to take home.

You may make your gift on Sunday, February 5 or at any time by sending a check to the church office or by going to the DONATE page on the church website.

There are three ways to support Pastor Luc and Harmony Ministries:

  1. Haiti General Fund: This fund allows Pastor Luc to purchase food and medicine; bags to fill with rice; medicines, and to help subsidize the doctor at the Harmony Medical Clinic in Port-au-Prince. This support is enormously important to help conquer hunger and to provide medical care to those who have no other medical option.
  2. Haiti Sponsor A Student Fund: This fund supports Pastor Luc’s schools, helping students in the Port-au-Prince, Thoman, Leogone and LaSalle schools. Because of this support, Pastor Luc has been able to hire more teachers, build more classrooms, purchase school supplies, and provide food for the students and teachers. You can Sponsor a Student for $50 for one year.
  3. Haiti Missionary Fund: This fund helps support Pastor Luc and his family with living expenses.