The latest news from Pastor Luc and from Haiti is discouraging.  He reported that the schools continue to be closed – partly in protest against the current government, and partly because there is no gas available due to blockades; there are no tap taps (buses) etc. Construction has stalled in Leogane because they can’t get gas for the dump truck to go get sand. They are holding church in PAP, but only people who can walk there are coming.

An NPR report from 10/21 said that the United Nations Security Council is considering an international intervention in Haiti to open up aid corridors and resolve what the U.N. secretary-general calls “an absolutely nightmarish situation.”  But many Haitians cringe at the idea of international forces going into Haiti as their experiences with outside forces has not always been good.

Mitch Albom, maybe best known for his book Tuesday’s with Morrie, is also a highly respected columnist for the Detroit Free Press He has had an orphanage in Haiti for many years and he travels to Haiti every month, even now with the current realities.  Please click this link  freep.com read his very important recent column: The horrors of Haiti today are, sadly, very believable. “Consider what’s going on here in Haiti, where they don’t use the word “unbelievable,” because every new day brings a previously unimagined degree of suffering.”

Please continue to pray for Pastor Luc and the people of Haiti.