I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction

Is it possible that Mick Jagger has really nailed it, in describing the prime spiritual malady of our times? Well – maybe for all times?

This Sunday’s sermon (sermons – plural – as I’ll also be preaching this text at WINK) will focus on Isaiah 55, especially the first few verses, which contain Second Isaiah‘s beautiful vision for “satisfaction”.

So, a few questions, for anyone to ponder or…gee whiz, even respond. (Note: I may also use these questions on Sunday at WiNK…)

  • Do those who are victims of the sin of gluttony really enjoy food?
  • Why do you think our nation has experienced a dramatic increase in obesity (and if you click that previous link, DO play the little cartoon showing just how dramatically it has increased).
  • If you were to imagine “satisfaction” – what would that look like, feel like, be like?
  • And lastly – and perhaps most importantly – what would such an experience do to us?

Now, keep in mind too that this is Rev. Vamos’s turn to speak on the theme of stewardship – that is, why should Christians actually give? Why do they give? How is it that Christians are generous people? How would the experience of “satisfaction” change our waistlines? Our bottom lines? Could it change the health of our coastlines and skies?

Love to hear your response – and perhaps help me reflect on this before Sunday.


Extra credit for those with time (and calories?) to burn. Check out this very simple video. What other reasons might there be for the increase in obesity?


And a final question: If we were to be more satisfied with what we eat, would we eat less?


  1. Hello Jeff:

    Post rather than pre-sermon. Better later than never. Good sermon and I’m so glad the blog is back. I reread and studied the 2nd Isaiah passage before the sermon and the context [Babylonian Captivity, etc] helped. Generosity was a better title. Thanks for being or minister.

    Oh and the kids were fantastic [esp Will], and Louise held them enraptured, don’t you think?

  2. By the way, the tale the map tells is VERY scary. Bob

  3. Jean McGraw says:

    I am clearly out of date with this one. That is, the one about obesity. If we were more satisfied with what we eat, would we eat less? I know what I am SUPPOSED to say, but I am not so sure this is a good metaphor for us junk food lovers. As long as I love Cheetos more than I hate being fat, I will be fat.

    Has anybody done studies to correlate the beginning of the obesity trouble with the coming of the Remote Control?

  4. Carrie Hotchkiss says:

    As a person FROM Mississippi (a yellow state on this map), I can tell you that there is a dramatic difference between people there and people here (in NJ). Firstly, people in MS don’t walk ANYWHERE. Secondly, the food is just more fattening. Thirdly, when you are on food stamps, you buy the cheapest food, mainly the high fat/calorie food that is the least healthy.
    Have any of you read “Women. Food and God” by Geneen Roth? I think that food is often used as a “fix” for people who need something more to feel fulfilled, much like an alcoholic might need a drink to feel “comfortable”. As a recovering purging/anorexic, I can definitely see the correlation.
    BTW, at the time in my life when I was purging/anorexic, I considered myself Agnostic. I mean, how can a real god allow a person to suffer and feel so lost?
    So take what you will from that.

  5. I really appreciate your weighing in, Carrie – and sharing your perspective as a person who has obviously reflected a good bit on this subject. I do hope we continue the conversation – here in cyberspace, and elsewhere….



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