Lifelong Learning at PCOL

This week, our member Loraine Huchler shares a brief review of a book that has been very helpful in her personal spiritual journey. The Adult Education Committee encourages other members to share similar summaries of books they have found helpful. Please consider sending one to

Book Review – “Celebration of Discipline,” by Richard J. Foster

“Celebration of Discipline” helps us discover how to live as Christians. First published in 1978, Dr. Foster begins this classic twentieth-century guide to a deeper inner life and joy by describing his spiritual bankruptcy as he served his first congregation in Southern California.

The author’s sense of inadequacy to serve the very real needs of his congregation led him to first seek the wisdom of ancient writers, followed by fostering a community of believers who prayed and studied, opening their minds and hearts to the Word of God. In the second section of the book, the author describes twelve spiritual disciplines in three categories: Inward Disciplines, Outward Disciplines, and Corporate Disciplines. These spiritual disciplines are not meant to imply any specific denominational interpretations of scripture; rather, the practice of these disciplines is a path for faith formation and spiritual growth.

For more information, read this review from Dr. Richard Blackaby, a pastor, leader, popular speaker, and best-selling author: