The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville established the Micah Award in order to enhance the work of a ministry or non-profit organization which has been serving the Mercer community in a way that exemplifies the principles expressed by Micah 6:8.

The 2014 Micah Award has been created to offer one grant of $2,500 for the creation of a one-time project or service based upon fresh and creative planning. A Micah project must be a new activity which is not included in the organization’s existing budget and which would not be possible without the Micah funding. (Requests to continue or expand existing activities or previously planned operations are not eligible).

Applicants must be local organizations that fit the following criteria:

  1. A ministry or non-profit organization which has been working to enhance life, opportunity, and freedoms in our community by increasing equality, reconciliation, fairness, and all else that fosters justice and kindness.
  2. The ministry or non-profit agency must be providing services in the Mercer County area.
  3. A Micah Award application must provide information about the existing operations of the organization and describe in detail your hopes for a new project that could be made possible by the Award. An application form is attached. Additional forms can be obtained by calling the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville at (609) 896-1212 or on our website at www.pclawrenceville.org/micahaward.

The deadline for submitting applications is December 16, 2014.
Please contact MissionComm@pclawrenceville.org with any questions.

To apply, please complete the form below.

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