Ministry Profile: Bruce McGraw & Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Bruce McGraw represents PCOL for The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program. Bruce is active with PDA, and we are happy to report on some of his upcoming travel on behalf of the organization.

In March Bruce is traveling across the North- and Southeast—totaling approx. 1500 miles:

  • Bruce traveled to Hudson Memorial Presbyterian in Raleigh, NC for a forum on Haiti. Hudson Memorial is a member of the Haiti Consortium. Mac Schaffer, formerly AP at PCOL, now serves at Hudson.
  • Later this month, Bruce will be in Little Rock, AR leading a group of Arkansas volunteers in equipping three tool trailers so that they may be sent to disaster sites. He will also conduct an inventory of the national disaster warehouse.
  • Bruce will also travel to Towanda, PA (west of Scranton) to deliver a tool trailer. He will travel back to Lawrenceville with a PDA truck.
    Bruce McGraw

Following the whirlwind March trip, Bruce will travel to Reno, NV for the Annual Meeting and training for the National Response Team of PDA. In May he will deliver the PDA truck to Virginia Beach, VA and equip a disaster tool trailer at the National Volunteers Organized to Assist in Disasters conference.

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