A Moment for Mission | Princeton Medical Center


Your mission giving helps to provide support, spiritual care, and services to patients, family members, staff, and physicians through PMC’s chaplains, interns, and spiritual care staff at Princeton Medical Center, Princeton House Behavioral Health, and Princeton Hospice. In addition to offering spiritual care, PMC is an ACPE certified site that provides clinical pastoral education for those seeking ordination and/or ministry as pastors or chaplains.

In the course of their work, the chaplains and spiritual care staff and interns provide a listening ear, coping support, the opportunity to debrief a diagnosis and wrestle with difficult questions of faith and life, prayer, and even opportunities for worship, including administering the sacraments of baptism and communion.

In the video above, Rev. Dr. Matt Rhodes, Director of Religious Ministries at PMC shares a little more about their ministry and what your support helps them to accomplish.

Thanks to your generosity, this year, we were able to share $1,475 in support and mission giving to Princeton Medical Center. Thank you.