Dear PCOL Members and Friends,

Due to rising Covid case rates this winter, PCOL is temporarily adopting additional safety measures. Here’s how we’re responding to the omicron surge, and how you can help.

Going virtual through January 30. By now, we’re all aware that the peak in Covid/Omicron infections in New Jersey is likely to occur sometime this month. In consulting with staff and leaders, it seems the sensible thing is to move our worship and meetings back to virtual, for now. We have decided that Sundays January 9, 16 and 23 will be virtual only, broadcast via our usual Facebook Live channel. (You can access that via our website, at During this time, we will hold all meetings and gatherings virtually. In the mean time, our Returning to In-Person Activities (RIPA) Task Force and the Session will assess when we will return to in-person worship and gatherings; we are aiming to clear the way for a return on January 30, but will keep you informed.

Mental health concerns, and what you can do. There is a growing awareness that the danger the pandemic presents is not only about physical illness, but the toll on mental health, because of the increasing isolation during the darkest months of the year. For this reason, we would urge you to take time to participate in some important ministry together. We’d ask you to consider two simple things. First, please reach out to someone in the church or community who might need a call, a safe visit (dropping off some muffins perhaps?), a family with a child in virtual instruction who may need help…. Just reach out to someone if you can. Second, we would ask you to consider – especially if you are feeling isolated – joining one of the virtual Bible study options that are upcoming. A study on Moses will launch this month; a second study is planned to start at the beginning of Lent. Please watch your mailbox and our website for details and how to sign up.

And of course, please tune in to worship.

As always, but especially now: time for us to be the church for each other, my brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, I do hope this finds you and yours safe and well.

Blessings and peace,

Jeff Vamos,
On behalf of the Staff and Leaders of PCOL