As you know, the prevalence and spread of COVID continue to be very high in our region. We are still in the “Red” zone but are beginning to see the dramatic growth in cases start to slow down recently. We continue to try to balance the importance of gathering in person for worship and fellowship with encouraging our community to stay safe. After assessing recent data and area conditions, the RIPA Group has recommended the following policy guidelines:

  • Worship in person will begin again on Sunday, February 6th. We will mask and spread out, with seating staggered in every other row in the Meetinghouse, as we did in December
  • The Choir will take rapid antigen COVID tests before singing and will stay masked throughout the service.
  • Other gathering for in-person activities will recommence as of Monday, January 31s. As was the case in December, a maximum of 50% of total room capacity will be allowed in spaces beyond the Meetinghouse, with masks and physical distancing required.
  • Food and beverages indoors for groups indoors will not be appropriate until our region returns to “Yellow/Green” status.
  • We will continue to monitor the rapidly changing COVID situation and make adjustments to our guidelines as indicated. In the meantime, if you feel comfortable still worshipping online, please do so. If you are comfortable returning for in-person worship as of Feb. 6, please join us then.
  • Our congregation has responded so well to the changing scene and our efforts to implement reasonable and safe protocols over the past two years. We look forward to opening up further as the pandemic situation improves!

– From the Returning to In Person Activities (RIPA) Task Force