Spirituality and Mental Wellness

The Spirituality and Mental Health Awareness group meets on the second Saturday of each month. Our next meeting is on April 13 at 10am, in Room 105. This is a monthly, no-cost, no-commitment drop-in group. Over the last few months, we have been discussing book themes, readings and other practices that affect our Mental Health Wellness. What we are learning is that we find common ground and a wealth of resources within our group. Our next meeting is an opportunity to bring an offering of your own spiritual practices and resources to share. Or you can simply show up and connect with other people who long to be intentional about their mental health through spiritual and faith-based practices.

For more information, please email the Rev. Marcia MacKillop, LCSW, at mmackillop@pclawrenceville.org or 609-672-6668. 

The Rev. Marcia MacKillop also offers one-on-one counseling through the In Solidarity Counseling Practice.  In Solidarity Counseling is now taking Horizon BCBSNJ, as well as (government backed) Medicare and Princeton Theological Seminary insurance benefits. Openings and flexible times are available.