For over 25 years, the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville has designated every February as Haiti Mission Month, to celebrate our ministry with Pastor Luc Deratus of Harmony Ministries in Haiti, to educate the congregation of our continuing work in Haiti, and to raise financial support for this ministry.  Most years Pastor Luc has been able to spend a weekend in Lawrenceville to update us on his work.

During Haiti Mission Month in February 2018, Pastor Luc’s visit included several dinners with members of the Haiti Task Force and the Mission Committee.  He preached at Shiloh Baptist Church, one of our partners in the Hope for Haiti Consortium, participated in worship at our church and led a forum following worship, and attended Shiloh’s Love Feast.  He spent Saturday morning meeting with students and faculty of The Pennington School, another one of our partners in the Hope for Haiti Consortium. The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville received over $10,000 in contributions toward our Haiti mission work, including over $5,500 raised for the Support a Student program, helping over 100 children in Pastor Luc’s schools.

After the weekend that Pastor Luc spent in Lawrenceville, he and his wife Ronide went to Pinnacle Presbyterian Church in Arizona, another of our partners in the Hope for Haiti Consortium.

Future plans include continuing our on-going commitments of support for rice and medicine twice a year the Support a Student program, and supporting Pastor Luc and his family.  A new project we will be supporting is Priscilla’s (Pastor Luc’s daughter) Project Graduation.   Our dreams include helping Pastor Luc complete the school in Port-au-Prince, build a new school in Leogane, and helping Pastor Luc purchase Bibles and hymnals for his churches.