So far, the new Pella windows have been installed in the Lounge and in rooms 105 and 106.  All the classroom windows should be replaced by the end of next week.  The entry door and surround by the boiler room was also replaced this past week.

Here are some photos of the new windows in the Lounge and in room 106.  They are a dramatic improvement over the old ones, which I believe were installed back in 1974.  I would say that we got our money’s worth out of those! 
The view through the window wall in the Lounge is very dramatic now, with the clean new glass.  
These new windows will be much easier to clean than the old ones were.
These windows will also be much easier to open and close.  No one will need to go outside and push anymore, while someone inside turns the handle!
The new windows look great from the inside, and even better from the outside.  The white trim really pops, and it gives the building an updated look.
Here is the new entry door near the boiler room.  It looks sturdy, clean, and attractive.
When people finally return to in-person worship at PCOL, I will be excited to have everyone see how nice our buildings and grounds are looking.  Between the landscaping service, the cleaning service, and now the new windows and entry door, our church is looking better these days than it has in a long time! 
– Lorna Ballard