Palm Sunday Protest Videos

On Palm Sunday, we remember that Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was risky. It was more than a palm parade; it was a peaceful protest. One that sought to prepare the way for something new and proclaim the grace and love of God for the world.  We’re reminded that Jesus was brave to enter Jerusalem and that the crowds that showed up that day were brave in speaking truth to power and sharing the good news of the gospel.

This year, when we wave our palms, what are we protesting? When we wave our palms, what message do we want to share with our community?

You’re invited to stop by the church and pick up a few palm fronds (out front by the road) for you and your family. You’re also invited to create your own peaceful protest signs. We’re asking that you create a short video of yourself and or your family waving your palms and holding your signs out in front of your house, or somewhere in your neighborhood, or out in front of the church, etc. Videos should be taken horizontally, in landscape orientation, and can be uploaded using the button to the right. Please submit your videos by Wednesday, March 24.

This may feel uncomfortable at first, but Palm Sunday reminds us that again and again, as people of faith we draw on courage. Courage is rooted deep within us; we often find it when we most need it. You are braver than you know. Like those who showed up on the first Palm Sunday, we’ll drawn on our courage together to show up and proclaim God’s love.

*A Note About Your Signs* Keep in mind we are bearing witness to the gospel, therefore messages should not be derogatory or attacking. Otherwise, feel free to “protest your conscience” on any issue you feel relevant to interpreting the good news for all people today.





  • God is Love
  • Racism
  • Women’s Rights
  • Mental Health
  • Covid-19
  • Sexual Orientation/Identity