Ash Wednesday Lenten Prompts

For those of you who participated in our Ash Wednesday service, you can download a copy of the wilderness prompts from the various stations below.

How to use the Wilderness elements at home:

  1. You will need a vase.
  2. Pour a couple inches of sand in the vase––enough to hold your branches in place––and place your branches in the sand.
  3. Place your stones in the vase around the branches.
  4. Finally, place the moss on top of the stones. *(The branches should stick out of the vase.)
  5. As you place each element in the vase, do it intentionally and slowly, reflecting as you go. Use the prompts to help guide your reflection.
  6. If you are creating your wilderness display as a family, consider sharing your reflections with one another as you put each element in place.
  7. Set your wilderness display in a prominent place in your home where you will see it as a reminder of your journey through the wilderness this Lent.