Redemption: From Point A to Point B
And everything in between

A four-part sermons series at the 10am service, featuring the music of Johnny Cash.

March 8, 15, 22, 29

Of course, scripture will be the focal point of our exploration, as it is and always should be. But just as scripture is the story of God’s conversation with all of human experience, especially that of suffering and pain, we bring in the insight of a musical artist—Johnny Cash—to help us “refract” the meaning of holy scripture, that it might become even more relevant to our lives and speak more fluently to our circumstances. We hope you will find these sermons experiences to be meaningful as you continue your Lenten spiritual journey.

Also available on our website, and through Facebook Live

March 8: “Hitting Bottom” by Jeff Vamos


March 15: “Making Amends” by Jeff Vamos


March 22: “Seek the Peace of the City” by Jeff Vamos


March 29: “Point B: Redemption” by Kyle Anderson