A Story of Connection

The story of 10 churches/ organizations located in New Jersey, Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina and Harmony Ministries in Haiti belongs to a widening memory of or individual organizations. It is a story of adventure, generosity, courage and our better selves. In it we sometimes sense the hidden hand of God’s providence. Like an Old Testament tale, it begins with the chance meeting, on a crowded third world street, between elderly Mother Laura Steward from Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, NJ, who felt a call, and young pastor Luc Deratus, who felt a call. Through friendships, Rev. Dana Fearon of The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville (NJ) met Pastor Luc and in 1991 the first medical trip was taken. Nine medical mission trips have followed involving over 70 members and friends from five congregations

Over these 20 years, there have been clinics and church painting, planning and praying, singing, sponsoring students, food pantries, fellowship, vitamins and visits from Pastor Luc.

The years included political disturbances, violence and cancelled trips. We met one crisis of violence when Pastor Luc had to flee the country. His ministry continued. Then came the ultimate crisis: the January 2010 earthquake. Still, Pastor Luc’s ministry, and ours, is fully alive. The story continues.