On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince and Leogane, Haiti, killing over 200,000 people and bringing down hundreds of buildings, including two of the churches and schools of Harmony Ministries.

The day of the earthquake, 15 members of the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville and Shiloh Baptist Church had arrived for a mission trip. They were very fortunate not to be in Port-au-Prince or Leogane but up in the mountains of Thoman, safe although with no communication. They traveled back to Port-au-Prince the next day and spent several days in the American Embassy before they were able to return to the United States. While in the Embassy they were able to tend to many people and found how resilient the Haitian people are. They were amazed that in the midst of their misery the Haitians were singing and praising God.

Within days of the earthquake, Pastor Luc began clearing the collapsed church rubble in Port-au-Prince and Leogane. He quickly erected makeshift tents in Leogane and Port-au-Prince, allowing worship to be held in each location once a week. Within a week of the earthquake, he made a place under the tent in Port-au-Prince for a doctor and a medical technician and opened a medical clinic. A few months after the earthquake, Pastor Luc opened, under the tents in both locations, weekday schools for children in first through sixth grades. One of the first things built after the earthquake was a new baptismal pool because of the pressing need to baptize the number of people coming to join the church.