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“Prayer is the chief exercise of faith…. Prayer does not change things. God changes things in answer to prayer.”
– John Calvin

At The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, we pray for each other. If you would like to submit a prayer via this prayer page, simply write your prayer–for yourself, for others, for the world–in the response space below.

Keep in mind you can also email our church office (609-896-1212), and submit your prayer that way as well.


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  1. Alison Young February 1, 2018 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    My older brother Mickey has experienced a discouraging relapse of metastatic lung cancer in the form of a painful abdominal tumor. Word last summer when we visited them in Oregon was that the partial lung resection was successful and they “got it all.” Prognosis is daunting, but he is entering a clinical trial designed to identify and target the specific tumor cells. Prayers for him and his wife, Norma, please.

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