Revolutionary War Discussion: 

“The Delaware River Crossing”

Saturday, April 13 at 8:30am

Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to New Jersey on Christmas night 1776 has become one of the iconic events of the American Revolution. But most people don’t know that this momentous river crossing was just one of many crossings made by American Patriot forces during that December. The whole story of the December 25 river crossing includes earlier and later river crossings that together enabled the success of the “Ten Crucial Days” that gave us the battles of Trenton and Princeton and turned the tide of the war. 

The Princeton Regional Revolutionary War Roundtable (PRRT) will meet in the Lounge on April 13 from 8:30am–9:30am to hear Speaker William L. (“Larry”) Kidder talk about some of the research findings made in pursuit of this interesting, little-known, and important story. Larry Kidder is a US Navy veteran and the author of seven books about New Jersey’s Colonial and Revolutionary eras. 

These meetings are open to the whole church community. There is no fee, but organizers will pass the plate for donations to the church.