Stop Asian Hate

In the last year, acts of racism, hate, and violence toward our Asian American, Pacific Islander siblings has increased exponentially–nearly 150%. But this is not new. Members of the AAPI community have been the victims of racism, in all the ways it shows itself, for generations.

The recent shooting in Atlanta that killed 8 people–7 of whom were Asian and 6 of whom were Asian women–has served as a catalyst to incite the already present fear within the AAPI community. In response, not only to this incident, but the ever present call for justice from our siblings of color, the Clergy of Lawrence Township have formulated a statement to speak out against racism, to stand in solidarity with our AAPI siblings, and to promote and work toward a more just and human society for all people. You can read the statement here.

On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, we commend this statement to you in hopes that it might spark conversation within our own faith community as we, together, work to bear witness to the good news of the gospel and toward the reconciliation of all things.