by Matt Pigman / March 18, 2014

Many of us have been waiting for what seems like an unbearably long time for spring to come.  After one of the snowiest and longest NJ winters on record, there aren’t many people around here who are protesting its arrival.  Instead, most of us get overly excited at the smallest sign that spring is breaking in… the melting of the last bit of snow on our lawns, the budding of the first flower, the chirping of a bird at sunrise (not to mention the appearance of that sun in the first place).

Lent is a season of waiting… a season when we, the Church, patiently await the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   ‘But didn’t that happen some 2000ish years ago,’ you say?  Right, but this is a season when we wait for the reality of Christ’s resurrection to break into our every day lives.  We wait for the Kingdom of God to break into our world’s politics, our economic systems, and our relationships.  

For some of us more than others, the winter of our lives seems a bit long right now.  May we actively wait and watch.  May we not forget that the spring of God’s Kingdom is coming.  May we watch and celebrate the places where we see God’s Kingdom breaking in… even as we continue to wait.

We’re all waiting for something.  In the midst of your waiting, where have you recently seen a sign of God’s Kingdom breaking in?