labyrinthby Jill Cifelli / April 9, 2014

Some years ago, the youth of this church made a labyrinth of purple paint on beige canvas in the same shape as the one shown here. It’s quite large and covers a good portion of the floor in the main lounge. You may have seen information about this labyrinth being available to “walk” each year during Holy Week, or perhaps you’ve walked this one or another one somewhere else.  A labyrinth is an ancient religious tool for prayer and meditation, consisting of a winding path that begins at the periphery and leads to a central space, then out again by the same path. There are no blind alleys or dead ends meant to trick you, but rather the path is meant to become a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. As our church and Christians the world over anticipate Holy Week, we hope you’ll consider incorporating a labyrinth walk into your Lenten discipline of seeking a closer relationship with God. The labyrinth at PCoL will be available in the main lounge to walk from Sunday, April 14 (Palm Sunday) – Friday afternoon, April 18 (Good Friday). It can be walked alone or in a group and there will be materials available to learn more. As an alternative to walking the canvas labyrinth, a wooden finger labyrinth will also be available that can be traced with one’s finger while sitting in a chair.

You’re invited to come into the quiet, to quiet your mind and heart in the busy-ness of your week, to let go and let God. Take a chance. Come be a-mazed.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? What was that experience like for you?