Through your gifts, and through our fellowship together, we’ve been able to nurture countless children, youth and adults into the Christian life; to help ex-offenders to begin new lives and new jobs; to provide comfort and care for members of our church and community during moments of joy as well as illness and tragedy. We’ve enabled hundreds of people from our community to receive education and nurture, through the programming of The Community Well; we’ve sent dozens to Haiti to witness to Christ’s compassionate love. In addition to that, we provide resources – human and monetary – to such organizations as Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Homefront, Arm in Arm, Eggerts Crossing Village after school program, and dozens of other compassionate causes. All through God’s grace and, again, your gifts.

Give the gift of life, love, and hope! If you are moved to give a year-end gift, it’s easy to do online–just click the button above.


David Sung
Clerk of Session

Jeffrey A. Vamos
Pastor, Head of Staff